Is Google Marketing right for You?
A successful business needs two things: a great product, and people who know about that great product.  

It seems simple enough. All you have to do is spread the word. Release your product to the world so you can stand up and get noticed. 

But, how do you do that? What's the easiest, most cost-effective advertising available today? You can make a good start with Google, one of the most popular websites ever. 

  • What if millions of people, everyday, saw your message?
  • What if you could focus your sales budget on your exact target market?
  • What if you had all the tools to monitor and maximize your ROI?

Sandra Hamilton is a Google AdWords and online advertising specialist. Whether you're a business or a non-profit organization, if you have yet to harness the power of the internet, you're missing out on a huge potential revenue stream.  

How can an Internet Marketing Consultant, like Sandra Hamilton, use Google AdWords to build your business?
Sandra Hamilton advises in each of the following key areas:
  • Improving your online presence
  • Increasing traffic to your website
  • Identifying the top search words being used in your industry category
  • Ensuring a first page position on those high volume keyword searches
  • Deep v Wide keyword strategies
  • Keyword match types, Exact, Broad, Phrase Matched
  • Why Negative Keywords are just as important as Keywords
  • Estimating Traffic for a campaign
  • Designing effective bidding strategies, relative to the buying the cycle
  • Establishing the first page bid price and suggested monthly budget
  • Writing effective ad copy
  • Testing ad copy
  • Effective ad scheduling. Time of day, day of week etc.
  • Understanding the Buying Cycle, Informational, Shopping, Buying
  • Building a campaign strategy
  • Creating landing pages that convert to sales
  • Tracking conversions & coding your Thank You page
  • Setting up Google Analytics
  • Optimizing your Quality Score
  • Analyzing industry and consumer trends
  • Helping charities access the very generous Google charitable program
What is a Quality Score?
The lower your score the more you pay Google for your advertising to appear.
Google will rate your campaigns. A high scoring campaign will pay less per click to appear on the first page than a low scoring ad, working with an expert can ensure that you earn the highest possible quality score and pay as little as possible per click.
Widen your Sales Funnel
Comox Valley Tourism ( ) would most likely achieve an organic first page position from an Alberta search for the term Comox Valley, but it is unlikely that their website will make the first page of an organic search for the much higher search volume of Victoria and Vancouver Island, unless they use Google AdWords to divert island bound travelers to this region of the Island. This is often referred to a The Long Tail or the 80/20 rule.
Questions to ask before you start a Google AdWords Campaign
  1. Without knowing my company name, how easy is it to find my business with:-
    • A core category or generic search term?
    • A peripheral category search?
    • A local search?
  2. How prominent a position do my competitors hold in each of the above searches?
  3. Have I registered with The Google Local Business Centre and other major online directories?
If starting a new business, choosing a name starting with the letter A, DOES offer a significant online advantage. Just as A1 Plumbing has always been a favorite Yellow Pages strategy.

To register with Google Local Business , go to, choose Advertising Programs and then at the bottom of the page look for the link to the Local Business Centre.

As an example, here is my local business listing.

Sandra Hamilton Internet Marketing

Comox, BC V9M 3V5
(250) 890-9386
Get directions

If you DO NOT have a website this is as much as you can do with Google AdWords.
If you DO HAVE a website you can move on to think about a Google AdWords Campaign. Google AdWords is a very cost effective way of driving traffic to your website.

What is Google AdWords?
Google AdWords are paid, also known as sponsored links, advertisements that appear when someone enters one of your selected keywords into a Google search.
There are 3 ways of advertising available on Google and two ways of buying your advertising. PPC – pay per click or CPM – cost per thousand impressions.

1. The Search Engine
– “I have a need or question and I need help to find the answer.”
Typically how we used to use the Yellow Pages.
The purpose of a search engine is to move you to your answer as fast as possible.
5% of Web activity is search engine traffic.

2. The Content Network
– “I am on a website reading content that interests me.”
Typically how we used to read newspapers or magazines.
The purpose of a publisher’s website is to attract and hold your attention for as long as possible, just as it is for print publications.
The purpose of an e commerce site is to catch you and move you down the sales funnel to make a purchase.

3. Placement Advertising
- I know these to be trusted, authoritative and/or favorite websites of my customers and I want to advertise there.
Typically your core media buy and your customers favorite magazine subscription.

Before embarking upon any advertising campaign, it is wise to ask yourself the following WHATS questions:
W hat do I do?
H ow do I do it?
A rea? Your geographic target market.
T o whom? Your demographic target market.
S pecialties? Your unique selling points.

Then for a specific Google AdWords Campaign you need to know:
Who am I trying reach?
What is the Geographic Target Market for this particular campaign?
What do I want people to do when they find me? This is called your conversion goal.
Google's Business Planning Tools
Did you know?
  • You can identify and even compare the peaks and troughs of search trends for keywords throughout the calendar year, within your specific geographic market.
  • Google is a very effective Market Research and testing tool.
  • You can find out how many searches are being conducted in your industry category in your Geographic region.
E.g. Nanaimo has the highest number of searches for child care in BC.
Langley has the highest number of searches for Pizza.
700 people a day in the Comox Valley search pest control.
400 a day search the term oil change.
  • Restaurants can run a different ad special every day and stop their ads from appearing during peak lunchtime and dinner hours, when they don't want to answer the phone.
  • You can schedule a Google Ad Campaign to reach men in Calgary between 5am and 7am, as they read their online newspaper, but only when the article mentions golf!
  • You can schedule your ads to only appear within xxx? KM of Courtenay.
  • You can turn off your ad campaign when you have too many phone calls to handle or if you are going away on holiday.
  • Offering an online coupon is an effective and time sensitive sales promotion.
  • Microsoft has more of a business audience than the web in general.
  • Google Ad Words provides accurate tracking results for every dollar invested.
Google AdWords Terminology
PPC - Pay Per Click
CPC - Cost per Conversion
CTR - Click through rate
CPM - Cost per thousand
ROI - Return on investment
Impressions - The number of times your ad actually appears.
Quality Score - Google will rate your campaigns. A high scoring campaign will pay less per click to appear on the first page than a low scoring ad.
Organic Search - The unpaid search results appearing from a Google search. These results can often be improved through an effective SEO or Search Engine Optimization strategy.
Types of Ads
There are three types of ads available through Google AdWords:-
  • Text ads,
  • Image ads
  • Video ads.
Google Ad Specifications and Acceptance Policy click here

Example of an Text ad:
Vancouver Island Escapes                
April Packages from $149, Golf
Beaches, Wineries, Hike, Kayak, Fish
< Max 25 Characters (Headline)
< Max 35 Characters (Description line 1)
< Max 35 Characters (Description line 2)
< Max 35 Characters (display URL)

Example of an Image ad:  

For video and other examples of Image ads, click here
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